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My 1/6 Monster Buggy

Welcome to My Dune Buggy Page!
Are you a Dune Buggy lover? Then you've come to the right place. My Buggy Site contains plans, pictures, accessory descriptions, assembly and much much more!

The Dune Buggy Project
How it all started ...:

First of all I bought a nitro t-maxx about 3 years ago. Now i can finnaly say I truly hate nitro engines. They are high maintenace, unefficient and very noisy. They are always a pain in the ass (well traxxas anyways) and very hard to start. Nitro fuel is expensive and you always look like a christmas tree when you go to the track. Gotta have glow plugs, plug wrench and they are the hardest thing in the world to start. So I decide to swith to gas.. last summer i built a 50 inch 1/4 scale gas powered crackerbox, so i figured i could start another project this summer. So i got all my tools and went off to work. First I drove around to find cheap alloy (1/8). So I went to a find the cheapest place. I came across a friend of my dads (Mike), he gave me a place that he buys from where i got a sample of aluminum (40" X 10") for FREE. Thanks a lot Mike and BLB Manufact. secretary Janet. I couldnt of done it without you. Then i was off to work... with many parts i previously owned and then i was in search of a motor. I went to a very good frined of mine at lawncare plus. Where i purchased many engines for very affordable prices. These are used & abused engines that are no use for anyone in the lawn care business. So i picked them up with a clutch for around each. The other parts were found at canadian tire, home depot and canadian bearing. So far the car has a the engine mounted, muffler system, servo saver, axle housings, drive shafts and ball bearing on all 4 wheels. It still needs a roll cage, wheels (tires), brake system, steering servo (1/4 scale hitec HS-405 MG) and the radio system. Refer to picture page for process pics by date. Hopefully i should finish by the end of august 2003. Thank you all for coming to my site LiNUx ;)
Click here to go to PICTURE PAGE

Finished Dune Buggy
Here is the finished dune buggy, with a few more touches leaft to add, but yet almost ready for the showroom. Its in full working condition, mostly cosmetic touches left for spare saturdays and long weekends (like the body and lights) but she flies at is now.

Photo Gallery
You can see the process pictures and the finished product on the picture page by clicking --> http://monsterdunebuggy.8m.com/photo.html
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